Music, Motivation, and More - The Positivity Podcast with Jerald Simon

I'd Be Delighted by Jerald Simon

January 19, 2021 Jerald Simon Season 1 Episode 27
Music, Motivation, and More - The Positivity Podcast with Jerald Simon
I'd Be Delighted by Jerald Simon
Show Notes

I'd like to welcome you to my podcast, "Music, Motivation, and More - The Positivity Podcast."

My name is Jerald Simon, and I am the host of "Music, Motivation, and More - The Positivity Podcast.

I am the founder of Music Motivation® ( and the creator of the Cool Songs Club ( and the Essential Piano Exercises Course (

In this episode, 027 - "I'd Be Delighted," - I talk about the following:

1. Intro/Opening: Our attitude can help us or hurt us. Our response to different situations can become a delight.

2. Positive Perceptions: "I'd Be Delighted" pg. 35 from Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers by Jerald Simon

3. Motivation in a Minute (a motivational/inspirational topic): I believe Eleanor Roosevelt - pg. 171

4. The Music Within: Here After by Jerald Simon from The Dawn of a New Age album by Jerald Simon.

5. Poetry that Motivates - "Know that I Can" pg. 122 from my first poetry book, "The 'As If' Principle" (motivational poetry) featuring 222 motivational and inspirational poems I have written.

As a music educator, I have written 25 music books featuring original music I have composed and teaching piano students worldwide about music theory, improvisation, and composition. I refer to them as Theory Therapy, Innovative Improvisation, and Creative Composition. You can learn more about the various music books I have written on my website, -

I began composing what have become known as Cool Songs to help motivate teens to want to play the piano - the FUN way. You can learn more about the fun, COOL SONGS I composed each month that have accompaniment minus tracks so students can play along with drums, guitars, keyboard synths, and other instruments and sound effects on my COOL SONGS website at - or my Music Motivation® website at:

Here is a link where you can download a FREE PDF book on motivating teen piano students ("20 Ways to Motivate Teen Piano Students to Want to Play the Piano - the FUN way): After entering your email where you'd like the FREE PDF sent, the page will then refresh and you can learn more about the COOL SONGS Club.

You can join the COOL SONGS Club FaceBook group on my COOL SONGS FaceBook group page at this link: - If you know anyone who would be interested in joining this new group, please invite them. I'm excited to share ideas, suggestions, and hear your thoughts, ideas, and tips on motivating and inspiring piano students - the FUN way!

You can also learn more about my ESSENTIAL PIANO EXERCISES COURSE and join members from 20 different countries around the world at this link: - Featuring video piano lessons for Jerald's best-selling books:

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100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know

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